Introducing SKY Wallet — The Crypto Wallet That You Deserve!

Tao Labs
4 min readJan 16, 2023

We are excited to launch our flagship Crypto Wallet — “SKY” for the community.

SKY Wallet is now available on Android Play Store, IOS App Store and the Chrome web Store.

Unlocking Payments Over Crypto Rails.

SKY Wallet comes with several industry-first features and is designed to be hands-on and beginner-friendly. In our design philosophy, we choose simplicity over jargon to help build a unified, elegant experience for our users.

SKY Wallet is completely interoperable with other Solana wallets. Users can import their secret phrase and their wallets will start reflecting the token balances and NFTs.

Web3 revolution is built on open standards and protocols.

With a very high focus on security and sovereignty in the Web3 community, SKY Wallet is designed to be self-custodial. Your private keys are yours alone and no other person or database in the world will ever have access to them.

We strongly believe that the Solana community will be ~1 billion users in the next few years. We intend for SKY Wallet to be instrumental in onboarding the next 100M users to the Web3 community.

Personally, we felt the need to have a wallet that expresses the ambitions of the ever-growing Web3 community and scales together.

Some key innovations of the SKY Wallet are:

Shareable Payment Links

We believe a large percentage of Gig-economy payments will be done on-chain in the next few years — specifically on Solana due to its low cost, and high speed.

Powered by Solana Pay, SKY Wallet users can now generate one-time payment links to accept SOL/USDC Tokens and share them with anyone on the internet. This feature is incredibly useful for gig economy workers, freelancers, self-employed independent developers & anons who are the backbone and strength of the Web3 community. These links can be used to receive payments directly in the user’s SKY Wallet. This also makes the process of tracking outstanding receivables not only easy but also enjoyable.

Personal NFT Gallery

“SKY” is the only wallet in the Solana ecosystem providing the ‘Personal NFT Gallery’ feature to its users to showcase their NFT collections. Apart from viewing their NFTs in the app, the users can generate and selectively publish NFTs on their “NFT Gallery Page”.

Broadcast Messages for NFT Project Owners

The team behind SKY Wallet is committed to the growth of the Solana ecosystem as a whole and that is why we have built a message broadcasting tool for NFT project owners to directly reach out “only to their NFT holders” via the Broadcast notifications feature. Project owners can send simple text messages which will be delivered to every SKY Wallet user who has at least one NFT from the project collection. The success of any NFT project depends on its ability to meaningfully engage their community. With our “Broadcast” feature, direct communication with HOLDers becomes not only possible but fun.

SKY Wallet makes the basic wallet functionalities more enjoyable as well

  • View in-depth details about the tokens you hold.
  • Explore directly from your wallet — view the top trending tokens & NFT projects on the Solana Blockchain.
  • Send & receive SOL and SPL Tokens.
  • Make payments using Solana Pay.
  • Swap Tokens within the SKY Wallet [Powered by Jupiter Aggregator]
  • Stake SOL and EARN Yields.

In the near future, Web3 wallets will plug into most websites and function increasingly as our decentralized digital identity thus breaking up the massive data silos from Web2 players. Wallets will have built-in social feeds and communication channels and contain credentials and NFTs that grant access to games, social media, and other channels.

In Conclusion:

We are a thesis-driven Web3 company. Crypto is a tool to reimagine existing systems: Finance, Ownership, Coordination, and Access. Web3 is the internet owned by the builders and users, orchestrated with tokens.

2023 will be a transformative year for mainstream adoption as companies across consumers and enterprise adopt a web3 framework. We believe the next billion users will be onboarded in the next 5 years.

For us, SKY Wallet is a journey of simplicity, safety, scale, and ambition. We are passionate long-term supporters of the entire Web3 and Solana communities. SKY Wallet’s future roadmap includes deep integration with DeFi Layer and many more things. We really hope that you’ll enjoy using SKY Wallet as much as we enjoyed building it.

Crypto/Web3 is Inevitable.

SKY Wallet is a product of TaoLabs.