Introducing ACF (Alien Chicken Farm): The Simplest Play-Learn-Earn Web3 Game on the Blockchain

Tao Labs
3 min readJan 16, 2023

Alien Chicken Farm (ACF) is the world’s simplest Play-Learn-Earn Web3 Game (Mobile and Web) — Now live (Public-Beta) on the Solana Blockchain.

In ACF, players can simulate the experience of owning and managing a profitable Chicken Farm using real Chicken NFTs. Each Chicken NFT is unique and has a distinct set of traits and attributes, colours, accessories, and physical features. Chickens can also breed and lay EGGs, which in turn hatch into the next generation of chickens. Some chickens are also rarer than others, and some chickens can even be mighty and super-powered, bringing another twist to the experience.

ACF is launching today. Yep, you heard that right, No Waitlists, No Priority Airdrop, No NFT sales with the weak promise of the game sometime in the future. ACF can be played TODAY. As you might be able to tell — we do things differently here and we’re here to build one of the largest Play-and-Earn games on ANY chain.

We are also happy to announce the public listing of the $ACF and $FEED tokens that are essential to the gameplay. The $ACF token is used to build barns and breed chickens, and the $FEED token is like its namesake, used to feed Chickens to keep them happy and fertile. Both tokens are available to trade against SOL at leading DEXs such as Raydium, Serum, and Jupiter Aggregator.


We believe in a future where work and play can become one. We believe in empowering our players and giving them economic opportunities while having fun.

Crypto’s adoption rate is currently as fast as the internet’s in the late 90’s- With ACF we want to accelerate this. ACF’s mission is to introduce the world to the Solana blockchain and the P2E ecosystem in the simplest gameplay possible. We want to onboard the next 100M users to Web3(Solana) via ACF.

The MetaGameplay

ACF gameplay is extremely simple: The players start by buying 2 Alien Chicken NFTs, $ACF and $FEED tokens from the ACF App. Players can then create their barn, feed their chickens and breed them to produce the next generation of chicken NFTs.

From second generation onwards The Chicken NFTs have a chance of having super powers and can be bred further to expand the player’s Alien Chicken Farm.

Rare and super-powered chickens can be sold on the ACF marketplace to earn SOL .Live Chickens can also be culled to earn more $FEED tokens.

We have also published a detailed overview of our gameplay and economics in our whitepaper.


Without giving too much away, here are some big roadmap items we’re very excited about

  1. $ACF Dividends
  2. Game-as-a-Service, Global Land NFTs
  3. Alien Metaverse

Why Chickens and Why Solana?

Owning and running a Chicken Farm is a simple, universal concept that is not bound by language, geography or culture. Humans have been farming chickens profitably since the very dawn of civilisation. It is also an idyllic fantasy that reminds one of a peaceful farm life outside the rush of a busy city monotony.

We wanted to keep that sentiment in mind while designing the game. The aesthetic choices have been inspired by retro games of the early 90s. Nostalgia is a feature of this game! :)

The time to build for Web3 is now. Solana blockchain has the ability to process thousands of transactions per second very economically. This has made it possible to make simulation/strategy games where players can make real money for their investment into the game, while also not getting bogged down by long transaction approval times and high gas fees.

We hope you’ll enjoy playing (and earning!) through ACF as much as we enjoyed building it. This is a passion project of an ambitious team and we are committed to building an amazing ACF players community across the globe.

We are extremely excited about the future of Alien Chicken Farms, and will build it along with our community. Join us and learn more about ACF:

AlienChickenFarm is a product of TaoLabs.